“How does it feel to be 17?” 

i plaster a smile on my face

“Growing up feels like a lot, but I’m taking it day by day.”

by “a lot,” i mean

seeing my older friends go to college

wondering what the distance will bring

every conversation i have is about the future

the SAT, applications, future universities

i’m exhausted from the stress

and everyone else seems so tired of me

i’m simultaneously finding myself

and losing her in a sea

of failed tests and lack of energy

i now hesitate to write

i’m worryingly obsessed with being right

my knees bounce under my desk

how much longer can i keep it all compressed? 

“How does it feel to be 17?”

honestly, you tell me

to you, do i look fine?

cause 17 has just been 

standing strong 

and acting


while feeling 


and falling