There are dozens of popular clubs here at North Meck, but one that isn't talked about enough is the extraordinary Blythe Buddies. This community service based club is built on a combination of high school students who have come together to support Blythe Elementary and its needs. The club meets once a month to host fun events and activities, and of course, there are snacks. Blythe Buddies is led by four amazing seniors: Anastasia Kolb, Taylor McCormick, Zaina Norris, and club president Callie Murphy. These girls have been working hard to make the club not only a place of comfort and tranquility, but great opportunity.

Along with fun in-school activities, the club hosts several events at both Blythe and JMA. From reading to tutoring, and even carpooling, the club has put in great efforts to help these aspiring children prosper academically. The JMA Showcase is one of these events, where a small but mighty group went to inform middle schoolers about the IB Program and its benefits. Tours were given to rising sixth graders, and parents received important information on what's to come. Callie, along with Bryan Chantima, Marvin Maldonado and other students alike worked hard to help set up our future generation for success, and that's only one of the many great events to come this year.

“Adjusting to the kids’ behavior and fulfilling their requests can be challenging,” as expressed by sophomore club member Marvin Maldonado. “However, I can see myself having a stronger connection with Blythe in the long run, and being a reliable volunteer for them in the future is a goal I've set in stone for myself.” The students also feel that while they are helping the kids, they will gain benefits for themselves as well. “Being at Blythe is very fun and interactive, and aiding the teachers with children is a challenge I've started to look forward to.”

While few may consider this club overindulging, based on the kids energetic personalities and the necessary skill of patience, many find it impactful and collaborative. Students from all four grades have come together to make this newly formed club a home. A shedload of love and adoration has been poured into it over the months, and it's exciting to see what longevity Blythe Buddies will achieve in the years to come. While Blythe Buddies is a very distinct and precedent-setting  club, they are making an impact on not just the little kids, but our community as a whole. 🆅